What is ReGen Bioblessed Hair Transplant Protocol?

A check-up program is organized in order to determine the cause of the person’s hair loss problem and the type of shedding. Subsequently, application protocols such as hair transplantation, autologous micrograft, stem cell, prp, mesotherapy can be created and a personalized treatment option can be created. The reason for hair loss can be analyzed with hair loss panel blood tests. According to the result, supportive treatments are arranged or if a hormonal or similar cause is detected, consultations may be requested from different departments.

After your hair analysis is done, our specialist will calculate how many hair follicles you need with our ‘graft calculator’ robot and inform you. Then we will help you decide which hair transplant technique is suitable for you.

Hair Transplant


Stem Cell Therapy

Hair transplantation is performed together with stem cell therapy to protect healthy hair that still tends to shed and to reduce the loss rate of the transplanted hair.

Stem cells, which are isolated from the fat tissue taken from the person himself, are injected into the scalp. These cells, which have achieved very successful results in many clinical areas and provide regeneration, provide neovascularization in the scalp and increase blood circulation and strengthen the planted and healthy hair by nourishing it.


Exosomes: Biological Function, Clinical Potential & Utility

Exosomes are particles that release naturally from a cell. These particles are responsible for cell to cell communication. These messenger cells have the ability to release growth factors and other beneficial processes.

Exosomes accelerate the regeneration of our tissues by providing intercellular communication of our stem cells, which enable us to renew throughout life. It is among the most preferred applications in the treatment of hair loss. The combination of exosome and plasma obtained from your own blood can have miraculous effects on your hair loss problem.


PRP and Placenta Treatments

It is the process of applying the platelet concentration isolated from the person’s own blood to the scalp in order to protect the hair grafts transplanted after hair loss or hair transplantation. It is a cell stimulation method and has an important role in tissue healing and regeneration.


Bioengineered Hair Follicle Solution

The maximum number of hair follicles are collected from the donor area in order to cover the area planned to be transplanted with a natural appearance at the maximum rate in the person to be transplanted.

Due to the long duration of hair transplantation, these hair follicles are lost. We use a Special Graft Medium in order to maintain the vitality of the hair follicles and to prevent loss of healthy hair follicles. The cell medium prepared in the GMP (Good Manifactoring Practice) laboratory contains the cell molecules necessary for the hair follicles to remain alive during the waiting period


Autolog Tissue Suspension – Microgreft

It is possible to prevent hair loss by transferring the hair follicles isolated from the tissue taken from the scalp of the person to the area where hair loss is experienced.

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ReGen Experience

We create standarts & deliver world-class stem cell services

“Stem Cell Therapy for Autism”

“Spinal Cord Injury”

“Hair Transplantation”

ReGen Experience

We create standarts & deliver world-class stem cell services

“Stem Cell Therapy for Autism”

“Spinal Cord Injury”

“Hair Transplantation”

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