ReGen, Unlimited Support and a World of Potentials

ReGen Clinic is not a regular clinic; it is a concept in which knowledge, creativity, and business combine to create a work of art. We believe that a successful clinic must be staffed by the appropriate research team, equipped with the most advanced technology devices, and operated by well-trained, friendly personnel in order to deliver a pleasant patient experience.

We have developed a formula for success in healthcare and regenerative medicine over the past 15 years, and we are now eager to share it with entrepreneurs and physicians worldwide.

How Would ReGen Clinic Team Elevate Your Medical Practice

“By joining ReGen Network, you will always be pioneers in the world of regenerative medicine and gene therapy.”

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In our franchising model, we will provide our franchisees with a connected CRM system (Doctors Connect Program), discounted prices on equipment and disposables, expertise exchange and fellowship programs, points to meet and greet your patients all over the world, continuous training, global marketing, and international presence.

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We are able to provide our franchisees with a wide range of laboratory options, starting from a mini stem cell laboratory to a fully equipped GMP laboratory, that will allow the franchisee to embed stem cell applications in their daily practice.

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We provide customized training to doctors and the technicians, with all the tips and tricks in SVF (Stromal Vascular Fraction) and its application based on their specialties, as well as exosome clinical applications, cell spray techniques, cell culture, and much more.

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In our practice, we believe that the multidisciplinary and the holistic approach will always be the key for achieving optimum results. We will share the guidelines of our integrated medical practice with stem cell protocols and therapeutic packages that we have developed throughout our experience.

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Quality control is an essential component in maintaining patients’ trust in their healthcare providers on the long run, because of this our quality control team is here to assist you in sustaining your business in accordance with the highest standards possible across the globe.

How to

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Sign up by filling the franchisee form


Evaluation NCNDA signing 1 to 1 meeting with one of our representatives to explain our packages Acceptance


Financial and technical details will be discussed in detail based on you field of speciality, budget and the location you want to start from.


Signing the franchisee contract


Planning (architectural advisory, preparing equipment) Execution Training the staff Ready to serve your community.