“In the healthcare field, continuous education and training are essential.”

It is no secret that the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Healthcare professionals must continually educate themselves to keep up with the latest changes and advances. This can be accomplished through continuing education courses, reading journals and medical articles, attending conferences, networking with other professionals, and hands-on trainings; ReGen is the authorized training center for International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA).

The ISSCA is a multidisciplinary community of physicians and scientists with a mission to advance the science, technology, and practice of Regenerative Medicine to treat disease and lessen human suffering. ISSCA advances the specialty of Regenerative Medicine and serves its members.

The ISSCA provides certifications and standards in the practice of Regenerative Medicine. ReGen Clinics in Istanbul and Cancun are serving as Continuous Training Center that are approved by ISSCA. This program is called ReGen CTC.

What will doctors learn from ReGen CTC program?

About Us Team
  • Stem Cell definitions, characteristics
  • Autologous Adipose derived stem cells extraction, precessing, and application.

  • Bone marrow derived, stem cells extraction, processing and application.

  • Mononuclear layer cord blood: Components, characterization.

  • Exosomes: Characterization, review of growth factors and cytokines.

  • Laboratory processing and standards.
  • Quality control testing and validation.
  • Clinical framework for therapeutic applications.
  • Protocol details and supporting scientific literature.
  • Product storage and prep.

  • Patient selection.

  • Patient outcomes and expectations.
  • Informed consent.

Why ReGen Academia is the Right Choice for You ?



Gain first-hand knowledge from the
seasoned scientists and procedure
experts working here.



A low trainer-to-trainee ratio enables
individualized instruction, one-on-one
interaction,and extensive post-training
assistance to be provided to each trainee.



In each and every training course, more
than half of the time is devoted to the
performance or demonstration of applicable
laboratory procedures as well as practical
tips and tricks.

ReGen Academia Programs.

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